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Join the Islamic Association of Raleigh Hajj Family. Premium deluxe program exclusively for the IAR Hajj Group. Features include stress-free direct flights to Saudi Arabia, hotels located at the Haram boundary, room access during hajj rituals, stay at upgraded Mena Camp across Jamarat and much more.

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Reminder: The third shift of Friday prayers will now be held from 3:00 to 3:30 pm.

Dear community members, our praise to Allah (SWT) for his blessings upon us. Alhamdulillah, with your help and support we have completed the renovation of the bathrooms for men and women. Jazakum Allahu Khairan for contributing to the costs of $70,000 for the renovation.

In preparation for Ramadan we have two small projects to enhance our Islamic center. Painting the facilities and replacing the old/broken chairs and tables that will be used for Ramadan Iftar.

We are asking for donors to pay for the cost of the painting about $10,000 and the cost for replenishing the chairs/tables about $13,000.

Please donate online, select Facility Management Fund to support this noble cause. For further clarifications, please connect with Imam Muamar.

May Allah reward you for your continuous support.

IAR is seeking a motivated, trustworthy individual to serve in the role of security guards. The positions are paid, part-time positions. There are two shifts: Morning shift from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm and Evening shift from 3:00 pm to close.

Please review the job description before applying for this position.

IAR is seeking a motivated, trustworthy individual to serve in the role of Administrative Assistant. The position is a paid, part-time position requiring 20 hours per week.

IAR is seeking a high performing, dependable and hard-working part-time team member/cook at Al-Maida Kitchen.

The Youth Committee is inviting all of our youth to design a creative and elegant logo for the IAR Youth Committee.

Contest winner will receive a $150 Visa Gift Card. Deadline to submit is April 27, 2018. air jordan 11 concords release date

Please join in the initiative to clean our Masjid on April 28 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The Management Committee is seeking volunteers from the Community to help with this cleaning project.

Chanté Adams is living a dream—one she envisioned not too long ago as a 2016 graduate of the School of Drama at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Less than two years later, the young actress is enjoying the premiere of her first film, starring as female rap prodigy and pioneer Roxanne Shanté in the biopic Roxanne, Roxanne, which premiered today on Netflix .

Born and raised in Detroit, Adams had just moved to New York when she was personally requested by casting agent new jordan releases 2015 november
—who’d seen Adams perform in her graduation showcase—to audition for the role of Roxanne Shanté.

“It was my first movie audition,” she told The Glow Up. “And I really just wanted to do a good job and make a really good impression on Jessica so that she might consider me for other things. Before I knew it, I was on set a couple of weeks later.”

Netflix via YouTube

Joining her on set? Black Hollywood royalty Nia Long and Mahershala Ali in the roles of Shanté’s world-weary mother and dominating lover, respectively. When asked how it felt to hold her own against veteran actress Long and the Oscar-winning Ali, Adams admitted to initially being a bit starstruck:

Of course it was nerve-racking at first, when you find out you’re going to be working with these great people—especially someone like Nia Long, who I grew up watching. She was so influential to me as a black woman, as an artist, as an activist, everything, all over. And so I was very nervous when I found out that I’d be working with her.

But it was so great. I really couldn’t have asked for a better cast; both of them were so patient with me and understood that this was my first project, and really just took me under their wing. They really did. ... I feel like I couldn’t have given the performance that I [gave] if I didn’t have those two people as my co-stars, really guiding me and leading me through the entire process.


That performance, combining the insecurity and angst of teenage girlhood with the sass and swagger of the Queens, N.Y.-bred Shanté, won Adams the Special Jury Award for Breakthrough Performance at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. It was an honor Adams, less than a year out of college, never expected—which is why she’d left the festival the day before the awards ceremony.

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